Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lenten Promises

For Lent I'm tackling sleep:
*I'm starting my Before Bed Routine (BBR) at 11pm
*My sleep at 12am
*My day at 7:50am
*I'm watching Joyce Meyer at 8am in the morning
*I'm cutting off caffeine at 5pm.

Simultaneously I'm trying some things with food:
*3 meals, currently no snacks
*1 soda in the morning with morning meds
*2 GS cookies as a reward at the end of the week if I'm on target with my goals

For Devotions, I'm trying the following:
*In Project 345 and Rick Warren's Daily
*Church's Reading Plan in Genesis and Proverbs

Housework, is going to be rough.
So rough I've thought about not posting it here, at least not right now.
Here goes:
*Laundry-Every Day
*Puppy Pads-Every Day
*Dishes-Every Day
*Bed-Every Day
*Filing-Daily until caught up then weekly

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