Sunday, March 4, 2012

Absolute Lists

Absolute Yes List
1. Sleep
2. Personal Care
3. Diet
4. Devotions
5. Housework
6. Reading
7. Check and Keep Up Calendars

Absolute No List
1. Extra Sleep
2. Trash TV
3. Wandering Aimlessly
4. Spending Off-Budget
5. Revisiting the Past
6. Complaining About Being Tired
7. Giving Mickey Extra Treats

Lenten Promises

For Lent I'm tackling sleep:
*I'm starting my Before Bed Routine (BBR) at 11pm
*My sleep at 12am
*My day at 7:50am
*I'm watching Joyce Meyer at 8am in the morning
*I'm cutting off caffeine at 5pm.

Simultaneously I'm trying some things with food:
*3 meals, currently no snacks
*1 soda in the morning with morning meds
*2 GS cookies as a reward at the end of the week if I'm on target with my goals

For Devotions, I'm trying the following:
*In Project 345 and Rick Warren's Daily
*Church's Reading Plan in Genesis and Proverbs

Housework, is going to be rough.
So rough I've thought about not posting it here, at least not right now.
Here goes:
*Laundry-Every Day
*Puppy Pads-Every Day
*Dishes-Every Day
*Bed-Every Day
*Filing-Daily until caught up then weekly

January Resolutions Revisited

So far I've done two books in a month. I didn't get Living Beyond Yourself done in January, but I have hopes to cover it sometime in the next two years.

The Art of Extreme Self Care by Cheryl Richardson (February)
Buried in Treasures by Gail Steketee (February)
Safe People (March)
The Hoarder in You (March)

The rest of the resolutions have pretty much gone by the wayside.