Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Resolutions Post

I suppose it is that time of the year again when everyone thinks about where they are, what they are doing, and what their ideal self would look like. I've had my time in the past when I've written out long lists of things I wanted to see accomplished in the new year and, while illuminating, they always seemed so daunting. Usually I would pick 5 to 10, all in different areas and expect myself to remember them all and act on each individually. Last year I decided to just further my attempts at bettering myself with my current goals and didn't set separate resolutions.

This year I've decided on four resolutions in three areas, so far I'm managing to keep two of the four, but I feel more at peace and less fragmented or frantic and I don't feel overwhelmed. First, I decided to read one adult non-fiction book per month. (Adult vs Juvenile non-fiction, as I have ample occasions to read the latter as part of my library volunteer work). These books I decided to read once all the way through and then implement, in order, slowly. Second, I decided to make a meal plan for each month (completed) and to cook for myself from scratch once a week. I settled on Saturdays, since I'm usually home all day that day. And last, I decided to begin to exercise three times a week, which hasn't happened yet.

So far my most successful resolution has been to read one book per month:
Dec: Sink Reflections
Jan: Sidetracked Home Executives
Jan: Just 10 lbs
Jan: Living Beyond Yourself (current project)

I am implementing Sink Reflections currently. I am finishing a control journal minus the five zones and emergency numbers, and am getting used to doing a before bed routine.

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